Multivitamins and why we need them

Posted by David Schmitt on

Multivitamins are a very common yet very over looked supplement. Every company has one and every company claims theirs is the best. In a world growing so very fast with malnourished and micro nutrient deficient vegetables and fruits what are we to do to make sure we get all the essentials.
Little do people know that in today's farming practices for crops to be re grown in the same patch of soil only a few of the 40+ vitamins and minerals go back into the soil before vegetation is re grown. Unless it is certified organic chances are the soil is not enriched with all these elements. Each time a crop is grown the soil looses more and more of its nutrition which plants pass onto its host eater.
With the information above at hand what does this mean? It means there are 2 things happening in society. We are getting either an abundance of a few minerals put back in the soil just so the plant life can grow again or we are eating regrown soil enriched 40+ elemental pant life with just a scatter of many different elements.

So which is better? The short answer..... neither. No one can know exactly what elements they are deficient in or need unless they regulate their food everyday, get blood tests and also know what their specific body needs based on what our daily demands are. Then again they change hourly based on hydration, stress, gender, season, how much or what you eat and trust us it will change that quickly.
Conventional methods for multivitamins are to have a little sprinkle of everything with hopes that enough of a little of everything will do something which may work for some but not most. In our expert opinion and experience we know the main essential vitamins and minerals in existence which we need for standard functionality and life. So why not more of what we know works instead of risking a little just so we can add a little more range of what might work to have a larger scope to put on our label? 
The pure essentials multivitamin is exactly that. The scope of ingredients may only be 30% of the range of what is out there that your body "may" need but more than enough of what it does need and will make up 90% of the bodies demand for all of these elements. Where as a standard Multi may contain 90% of what your body "may" need in under dosed amounts meaning you only get 30% of what your body overall demands.

So whats better? 90% of what your body demands from 30% of whats on offer or 30% of what your body demands out of 90% of whats on offer? The bodies higher demand will all ways prevail and here is the multivitamin that will provide exactly that.

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